RUNESCAPE Expansions Unveiled as Gates to Menaphos: The Golden City Opens this Summer

The biggest-ever shake up of Jagex’s evolving MMORPG takes place on June 5th

Cambridge, UK – RuneScape is to undergo its biggest shake up in 16 years with the launch of Menaphos: The Golden City on June 5th, the first in a new series of ‘RuneScape Expansions’ that will deliver towering pieces of new content into the game. Beginning with Menaphos: The Golden City, RuneScape Expansions will be released every three months, and bring expansive new areas and regions to the game world of Gielinor, at no added cost to RuneScape subscribers.

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Sniper Elite 4 New Deathstorm Campaign Part 2 Now Available

Also: FREE map, mode and Survival mission for ALL Players!

The second chapter in DEATHSTORM, a BRAND NEW mini-campaign for SNIPER ELITE 4, is available to purchase today on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. This exciting addition headlines a glut of new content, including a huge FREE update for all players that delivers a new map, competitive mode and Survival mission.

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OSIRIS: NEW DAWN Proteus II Unearthed Update Launching Apr. 27

Space adventurers get ready to dive deeper into the mysteries of Proteus 2! The Fenix Fire dev team have announced today that their space survival epic Osiris: New Dawn will be receiving a massive update coming April 27. The Proteus II Unearthed update brings with it new features, a fully realized Proteus II and a host of content to expand the game experience!

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Party Hard 2 Alpha 1 by tinyBuild GAMES Now Out

tinyBuild GAMES has announced that the Party Hard 2 Alpha 1 is now out.

  • Alpha 1 contains one test level to see how people like the game mechanics and new visuals. Do you like them?
  • Alpha 1 is free for everyone
  • You can sign up right here PartyHard.Game to get the Alpha 1
  • Anyone can support the development by Pre-Ordering Party Hard 2 and Future Alphas. Future Alphas will be paid following the Hello Neighbor model. You can do this via the Humble Widget on the Official Website
About Alpha 1
Taking place at a club party location, the Alpha 1 shows players some of the new gameplay mechanics being developed for Party Hard 2.
  • Players are no longer required to kill all targets at the party. Instead, there are pre-determined targets. Stealthy players will want to hide bodies and beat the level perfectly without getting spotted.
  • The new Party Vision ability allows to see interactive objects within the scene.
  • Insta-Kill is a rechargable ability that instantly takes out multiple targets in a small area.
  • Players will be able to carry up to 3 extra items (in addition to the knife) with them. For example, you can carry a gas canister onto the dance-floors and light it up.

Watch the Party Hard 2 Alpha 1 Gameplay Video:

tinyBuild is giving away 10 Pre-Order Keys for Party Hard 2. For a chance to win, simply:

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Outbreak: The New Nightmare Needs Your Votes on Steam Greenlight

Outbreak: The New Nightmare is the next chapter in the Outbreak series by Dead Drop Studios (Available Now on Steam!). Dragging you back to the roots of cooperative survival horror in beautiful high-definition 3D. Experience a brutal fight for survival with new characters, weapons, cinematic camera angles, modern gameplay flourishes and much more. You’ll attempt to survive as you balance a limited inventory, scrounge for supplies and attempt to reach safety. Cooperate with your team to survive, or face a horrifying fate. You only have one life. Make it count!

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World to the West Pre-Orders Available Now

Tally-ho! Rain Games has announced that pre-purchases are open! Those braves who want to adventure onto the new continent can now get their copy of World to the West for PC two weeks before the release (set for May 5), with a 20% discount. Also, there are exclusive gifts only available in preorder:

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Transformers: Forged to Fight Welcomes The Waspinator

Kabam has announced that the Waspinator is now available in the Transformers: Forged to Fight game!

Despite his loyalty to the Predacon cause, the stalwart Waspinator never gets the respect he deserves from both his team mates or the universe. He has a knack for being crushed, smashed, and torn apart, but this bug has shown himself to be nearly indestructible, always appearing reassembled and ready for the next battle.

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