Football Manager 2018 Review for PC

Perhaps the most intense of simulators, following the world’s most popular sport, Football Manager 2018 throws you into the deep end for an immersive experience. This title mostly follows all the aspects of football that take place behind the scenes, touching on training, locker room atmosphere, contracting, scheduling, and press releases. I’m sure returning fans of the series may feel at home, but newcomers beware: this is not FIFA and is heavily emphatic on the “manager” part. read more

Danger Zone Review for Xbox One

            Ever sit in traffic, daydreaming that you could wreck the cars in front of you? Or maybe you’ve wondered how much damage you could cause on the freeway? No, you’re not a psychopath, but I think you might enjoy spending some time in the Danger Zone by developer Three Fields Entertainment. This title is an action, driving, puzzle solver, in which maximum destruction is always the objective. read more

Total War: Warhammer II Review for PC

I’ve been a fan of the Total War series since Medieval 2 came out in 2006, and since then I played countless hours from the original Rome Total War to the newest installment, Warhammer 2. Creative Assembly’s decision to move from historic to fantasy has been something long awaited by some members of the community. I know I did, especially after playing the Lord of the Rings mod for Medieval 2. read more

Morphite Review for Xbox One

Morphite by developer Crescent Moon Games is a first-person, action-adventure, RPG with an emphasis on exploration and discovery. You can visit almost everywhere in the galaxy, where you find quests, minigames, and an abundance of resources. If you give this game a chance, you will see that there is a lot more content here than in other exploration titles. read more

TIME RECOIL Review for Xbox One

Time Recoil by 10tons Ltd, is a fast paced, action-adventure, 3rd person shooter that will capture your attention for hours. The puzzle element to the game allows you to choose how you want to solve it, whether it is taking the straightforward approach, blasting through walls, or causing the greatest amount of damage possible. The objective is always in sight, and it’s fun, carving your own path to victory. read more

Death Squared Review for Xbox One

Death Squared is a puzzle solving game by SMG Studio in which the player guides two cubes at a time to reach two color coated endpoints. The puzzles get increasingly more elaborate and intense as you move forward. There aren’t any tutorials, but you will find that this game is as easy to play as picking up a controller. The challenge is being able to walk away before beating all 80 stages. read more

LEGO Worlds Review for Xbox One

LEGO Worlds by developer TT Games and publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment  is an open world RPG sandbox where you are free to see and do almost anything you can imagine. If you want to see an astronaut gallop around on the back of a goat, you most certainly may. If you want to shape the land to your design, you definitely can. If you are looking for a fun game to spend countless hours on, then you won’t be disappointed with this choice. read more

Kill The Bad Guy Review for Xbox One

Kill the Bad Guy by developer Exkee and Plug In Digital is a puzzle/strategy game that focuses on vigilante justice and killing off the worst humanity has to offer across the world. If you are looking to add an entertaining puzzle game, then look no further; this is the game for you. read more

The Dwarves Review for Xbox One

The Dwarves is a Strategy Role Playing Game that wastes no time and throws players right into the action. Its story and characters are memorable and enjoyable for fans of fantasy and epic storytelling. Though it is easy to pick up and play, there are some moments of frustration that make this game a lot less enjoyable. read more